Sunday, May 15, 2011

Looking for Thelma and Louise

Wikibea is experimenting with video reports and has added the first one to You Tube here :

Remember the mezmerising road movie Thelma & Louise (1991)? My trip to the canyons was a pilgrimage to outdoor movie making before computer generated backdrops became the rage in Hollywood. Arizona and Utah are blessed with grand lanscapes, quintessentially western. In the 60s, John Ford's outdoor settings made the geology student I was dreamed of "roughing it out" in a dusty wilderness of ocre colours. Actually I fullfilled my outdoor longing by moving to Australia. I had promised myself to trail blaze like John Wayne, Robert Redford, and Thelma & Louise in the real western country.

With police cars closing in, Thelma & Louise drove past the "mittens", the red sandstone monoliths of Monument Valley. Finally cornered, the two doom girls decided to end the wild chase by literally going over the cliff. The film ends with a freeze frame of their convertible in mid-air over Dead Horse Point. This south Utah location owes it fateful name to the tragic demise of wild horses, which legend has it were abandoned and died of thirst only couple of miles from the water of the Colorado river.

The second slide show includes Wikibea's pics of two national parks in south Utah. The hoodoos, the stone men of Brice Canyon will take center stage.