Friday, July 15, 2011


Dear Ms. Sinclair,
Some days ago, I saw a picture of you coming out of the New York City Supreme Court; you were smiling next to your husband Dominique Strauss-Kahn, DSK as we have come to know him. You had just heard that the legal case against him could be dropped. Not that DSK did nothing in room 2806, but because questions were raised about the credibility of his accuser and alleged victim. Hence your jubilation.  It nonetheless puzzled me.
In the past you condoned the philandering behavior of your husband on the grounds that a politician “must seduce” the voters. Was French seduction at work in room 2806 during this fateful Manhattan week-end? It has been reported that within a twelve hour period, your husband successively had a hooker delivered to his room in the middle of the night and a 20 minute-long sexual encounter or assault (depends who you believe) with a room maid around mid-day. A couple of hours with a well-paid hooker followed by a blow job delivered consensually or forcibly (again, depends who you believe) reflects the behavior of a pathologically promiscuous sicko not that of a seducteur, French or other. Condoms were not found in the suite suggesting unprotected sex among other things. Have you weighed the dire consequences of this carelessness?
I don’t live in France and for this reason never had the opportunity to watch your television programs, but I only heard positive and complimentary comments about your work and skills. So why have you stand by a man who is clearly a sex maniac, a man who one day was bound to expose himself, and hurt both of you? DSK’s behavior shows him to be damaged goods. Therefore my question to you is why did you prop him instead of advancing your own political career?
The media reported that your ultimate goal was to have DSK elected as the first Jewish president of France. Why didn’t you instead bankroll your own election to the Elysée Palace, the French White house? Given your impeccable personal attributes, connections and money, you could have been the star of the Socialist party and become a serious contender for the top job in your own right.
Obviously, you and DSK are joined at the hip, at least until August. However, the case may drag on towards a trial. My advice to you would be to dump DSK into a sex rehab clinic. Perhaps Tiger Woods, who speaks highly of such a clinic in Mississippi, can advise you. Unbelievably and against all odds, DSK still has his fan club among some French Socialist party grandees. These beta males ludicrously believe that DSK can still revive his political ambitions and win the elections. I cannot visualize you, the smart and elegant Parisian acting as a Madam.
The Elysée Palace may be a house of ill repute but it is not yet a bordello.
Sincerely yours,
Wikibea-carioca, July 15, 2011.